September already (2008)

We started September with an excellent weekend. First we finally got around to visiting friends in Essex. I suspected we’d get along but the reality was that we got on very well indeed and had a great time.I always feel a relationship is working if all parties to it can happily take the piss out of each other and that’s what we did.

The Saturday saw us collecting the girls from their week long stay with grandparents then heading directly down to Kent to visit Dad & Kath. The weather was lovely and warm and we spent a totally enjoyable day chatting, eating and walking along the prom. That evening we met and stayed with yet more friends, Steve & Rosie. They are a great couple … for a pleasant change, totally straight.

Faversham, where they live, had a hop festival on and it’d would have been wrong of me not to have drunk the local brew and very nice it was too, proper beer. On Sunday we went into Faversham again for yet more beer and then over to Canterbury. We remained with them and stayed over. They had gone to work by the time we got up on Monday morning and we locked up for them and drove down to Bluewater retail park to see what that was like. It was rather boring and very expensive.

Took the long way home because of the M1 hold up around the M25 junction and then detoured over to Walmart and IKEA in MK. Finally got home totally shattered.

Only managed one day at work this week and didn’t really achieve much so rather disappointing. I did set some groundwork of things to do which is positive but their ancient systems there are holding me back.

Have made an appointment with the GP to get my finger and a few other things sorted for Monday.

Matt & Anne look amazing after their holiday. Matt is making daddy ever so proud right now and Anne is equally as amazing. I could not wish for Matt to have a better partner. Shame she has been ill with a virus but hopefully it’s clearing now.

Oh,. there is so much I am not writing and probably should but I really can’t be arsed right now. None of it is negative anyway. Still feeling upbeat though I did have 10 minutes or so of deepest depression earlier and am thankful I have methods to deal with it. The bouts are rarely more than 30 minutes or so at most.

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