End of the Week

A busy day!

we planned on Ponderosa this morning for breakfast … we didn’t plan for a traffic jam which made our 5 minutes journey over 40. By the time we got there it was really too late, the queue was too long as we’d have gone into the lunch time period so totally no good.

We drove, instead, to Cocoa Beach. I asked the satnav nicely to show me the way but by the time it kicked in we’d already got most the way there so that was rather pointless. Had a lovely wander along the surf. The water is warm but not as warm as the gulf. Lots of nice little fishies and only one jellyfish.

Went into Ron Jon, got an amazing deal … pair of cool DC’s for around 17 quid! I also got myself a ‘Vans’ hoodie thingy cos I just so happened to have one in a dream last night and there it was so I sort of had to buy it. Visited some more stores too, made a few purchases there as well. Was lovely there at Cocoa Beach

After we headed over to Kennedy Space Center. Decided that we really don’t get much chance to visit space things in Northampton so what the heck. Glad we did, nice to get up close and personal with a space shuttle, see the huge rockets and stuff. Overpriced but worth at least giving it a go.

Had a Chinese buffet thing on the way home, all good 🙂

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