To an end with a thump and a slide

Checked in bags at Disney Monday morning, all good. No long wait, seats booked and spent a lovely day in the Magic Kingdom. Got back to the car and found out that Freddie, our cat, had been killed by a car. Deej got really upset right off, didn’t get me until Matt posted a message about him and dripping taps on MySpace. It brought Freddie real again for me and I blubbered a little.

He was an amazing cat, very well mannered and loving and he and Tilly had started to get on really well to the point of playing together. So, now we are back to just our Tilly again and I think we shall leave it that way.

We got to the airport by about 4pm and thought we’d done real well on timing … due to go to gate 85 at 6pm. Thing was, nothing showed on any screens. Flights before and after but not ours. I used my laptop and went online to see if there was any news … our flight had been delayed by 24 hours!

We went to the Virgin desk, they put us up in the Hyatt Orlando at the airport and have given us vouchers for food. We don’t have any clothes beyond those we are wearing. We are so not happy with what we have got from Virgin.

For the record, yes, we have been missing everyone back home, including Matt, Anne & Jermaine, we have just been speaking more to Daisy, Sean & Zoey so they got mentioned more. It was really nice to see Matt & Anne on cam the other day and, of course, our Freddie too. Nice to see him messing about as our last image of him.

We are due home tomorrow at about 10am (Weds)

I want to sort something out with James as well. He seems to be totally confused on who is doing what to who. I know that no one at our place has it in for him or plans in any way to stop him seeing the baby. All anyone has said is that he needs to show some commitment apart from just wanting to ‘win the right’ by stamping his feet.

My battery is about to die so will need to end here, apologies for typos and spelling mistakes

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