All change

I have got myself stuck in a bit of a rut. Not entirely sure which direction to go down except that, as I clearly need an income, I got to get myself employed fully again.

The weekend job had to go. This is a no blame statement but the reality is, I needed 15 hours, I rarely got close to it. That was not sustainable. I was still holding onto it though hoping it would get better. Last weekend, because of some mix up or another, I went to work early according to the rota I had to be told after a half hour my rota had been cancelled. That to me was a reality check. Time to call it a day in as dignified a way as possible.

Thankfully, I was already looking elsewhere, as I said, I needed more hours, more regular, it was common sense to see what else was available. It’s not a firm offer as yet but probably will be.

For now, I am just working the two day week. I love that role and don’t want to give it up so am trying to make any new job work around it … I am still open to a lottery win of course!

On a different note … I am having issues being able to prove I was a social housing tenant from 1987-1995. It makes a significant difference to how much I’d have to pay on this house if I am able to purchase it with Dennis … not that a mortgage is likely with all this messing about but I got to try at least. If it doesn’t work now then, at least when I have been working for 6 months again we can try again then and I’ll have all the information to hand.

Hopefully, at some point this week I shall allow myself a lay-in. It’s been ages since I had a week off and, as is often the case with me, it really isn’t being a week off! Such is life.

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