Phillip Schofield Opens up About Being Gay | This Morning

It’s a little weird this because it was the self same programme I did my major national coming out on 20 years ago!

Sadly, they turned comments off for this coming out story. I think it may have helped to know what happened way back when.

I have all but stopped with the whole Gay Dad Support Network I have been running since the 1990’s. As it happens, I just discovered Virgin Media have blocked it because they believe there might be something not right about it. I have written them a very stern message saying they best have a very legitimate cause for doing so. Any other Service Provider should still get you there at

I hope that life for Phillip goes on much as it has and that at no time do any of them feel their lives so far have been wasted or a lie. It is simply not true that gay men get married knowingly using women. Most often we get married because we fell in love like anyone else when we were personally at a point in our lives where our sexuality was not clear enough to understand. Many believe, if they even sense they are gay, that it will just fade away over time. Obviously it doesn’t.

There are very few reasons why those who find themselves in this situation cannot choose whichever path works for them. Society doesn’t really have a ‘normal’ for this so whatever the family decide together is the right path for them.

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