July Already

I am struggling somewhat with depression and anxiety at the moment. Rather a lot of things are really getting to me.

There is the issue of the garden which probably irritates me the most. Losing £3500+ to a rogue trader who left me with an utter disaster and not being able to do anything about it. I am taking legal action but am fully expecting that I just threw good money after bad and will never see a penny back from it.

Seeing the mess every day is a constant reminder of the time I became a statistic, something I thought would never happen.
Not getting money back yet from Disneyland after months of trying is upsetting me too, it just shouldn’t happen, not with Disney, it’s like showing Mickey smoking dope! No Disney, sort yourselves out.
An issue whereby I was using a charity to help me with my PiP claim but they sort of were not helping just giving me more stress.So, it looks like I am on my own with that one.
I understand we have Covid-19 still raging but the total lack of any support for day to day conditions from the NHS. It makes no sense how it is fine to go to a pub but not to see a consultant, or have a telephone consultation, they cannot all be treating Covid-19 patients.
There are good things happening too, this is always the case but, right now I’m feeling a certain burdensome amount of injustice,

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